Faye Landborn is a professional video editor and short-form social media content creator.
She studied at the Royal School of Arts in Stockholm, Fine Art in Los Angeles and BA in Film & TV Production in London. She's been professionally active since 2011. 
Outside work she directs and shoots documentaries and essay films.
Based in Stockholm, Vienna and London.
Looking forward to hearing from you. Shoot me an email and say hey ✉️ hey@fayelandborn.com 

What's best - organic posts or paid ads?
 They both work but in the end, your customer's buying journey indicates which will bring the largest return on investment.  

A creative Strategy based on your Buyer Persona. This means, finding the right platform, message and staying on-trend. I believe in target marketing, utilizing budget and time to maximize outcome, measuring success with the right, agreed-upon KPIs.
Let's find out which one will work best for you!
Proud to present my clients:
Registered in Vienna, available internationally: https://firmen.wko.at/ebony-faye-landborn%2C-ba/wien/?firmaid=b36d3123-5133-4764-b537-eee718685e86

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